Emerging themes

Part 2 – Eight emerging themes: Overview


Part 2 of this report identifies eight themes arising from the drivers of change which are likely to concern governments developing employment law and policy, employers adapting to the evolving world of work, and individuals pursuing their careers in the changing landscape. This Part 2 also considers the impact of the drivers of change on jobs.

These eight themes emerge from across the different drivers and highlight the ways in which the drivers are converging to accelerate change. Around the World labour markets are being disrupted. The rapidly changing world of work brings into sharp relief the inadequacies of regulation and enforcement models which have evolved to meet the needs of a world of work disappearing in the rear view mirror. A fragmented and uncertain world of work will accentuate the importance of flexibility and resilience, both at an individual and organisational level. Fragmentation and uncertainly will also underscore the value of work in meeting employees’ need for social interaction and a sense of belonging.

The drivers of change are creating an environment with the potential for increased inequality and division which promise to feature highly in the years ahead. Greater attention to, and intolerance of, inequality, a lack of diversity and discrimination is evident today and will only grow.

Meeting the demands of a changing world of work will require a focus on innovation from governments, individuals and their employers.